Vivian reveals she's single 2 months after introducing new bae online

The single said she was sorely focusing on herself and had no man in her life

Musician Vivian

Kenyan singer and digital content creator Vivian has revealed that she is single.

She mentioned that she is sorely focusing on herself and her current life journey despite publicly announcing that she was in a relationship 2 months ago.

Vivian took to her Instagram account to introduce a mysterious man tattooed man months after her breakup with Sam West.

Through her account, the mother of one shared with her over 1.1 million followers a photo of a man who she gushed over noting that God had sent him her way.

"God brought you my way ❤️.Wrote Vivian, she, however, didn't add any more information to the since a now-deleted Instagram post.

Looking for further details on the mystery man our team reached out to Vivian for comment but her mobile phone was busy at the time.

Briefly describing her newfound love, Vivian said they are currently living a quiet life, hoping on God to build their union.

"My life has not been easy. I deserve a good life and happiness. My audience doesn't want to see me hurting forever.

The man in the picture is dear to me. Neither he nor I is perfect, but we love each other, and we apologize and forgive quickly. Hatuna maneno sana, we're living life and God is the centre," Vivian said.

However, now it seems things might have taken a wrong turn as the artist in a recent interview maintained she is single.

Speaking with Nairobi News, the mother of one maintained that the only man in her life right now is just her heavenly father and she was planning on keeping it like that.

“The main man in my life right now is my father in heaven. He has sent me father figures who are guiding me in my season of transformation. 

I am happy to be alive & to show those who will be willing to live free that God sees them especially when they feel alone. So many young people struggle every day to stay alive. I want them to know there is hope,” Vivian said.

Despite going through a rough patch her passion for music has not died. Just recently, she released a new song titled Cancer that she collaborated with Fire Flames.

Vivian and her husband Sam West called it quits back in 2022 over what were allegedly irreconcilable differences. The two just like most celebrity couples at some point had an online spat but it quickly went away.

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