Sam West shares marriage advise after Letoo's remarks

Sam's fiance announced that they'd split up mid last year after years of being together

speaks on break up with Vivian
Sam West speaks on break up with Vivian
Image: Sam West

Stand-up comedian and motivational speaker Sam West seems to have learned from his mistakes and is now sharing tidbits of wisdom so that others may learn from him.

Well, Sam and his wife, Vivian officially called it quits last year and in a short period it rather turned dramatic with each one taking shots at the other. Sometimes subliminally and others times... well not so much.

Now Sam wants people to know, " it is better to marry late than marry wrong."

The motivational speaker shared the message as he disagreed with statements issued by Tv journalist Stephen Letoo.

Letoo shared a video on his Instagram page where he advocated for people to learn to move on with speed.

The media personality insisted that there is no need of sticking with one person when things appear not to be working, but one should rather move with speed and settle with someone who agrees to be with them instead of those playing hard to get. 

"If on the first date, the person doesn't cooperate, don't keep pushing that life. Accept and move on. 

Don't waste your time in one space, the person who embraces you on the first date, songa na yeye. Don't waste your time chatting with someone who is not cooperating with you," Letoo advised.

The media personality has been very vocal about embracing polygamy. He was once married but sadly divorced his wife. He also insists that Kenyans should embrace polygamy as it will help curb femicide and infidelity in relationships.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen Digital, the outspoken journalist said:

"How many murder cases have you heard this year?

Polygamy will sort cheating and spouses killing their partners, the killings are becoming a pandemic.

women are the stumbling blocks to polygamy. Polygamy is the African Way of life."


" Just because one supports polygamy doesn't mean they will marry many wives.

It means when the time comes and I want to marry another wife, allow me to."

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