Vivian brutally trolls estranged hubby Sam West

The couple were the it couple for some time before their shocking break up

throws shade at her ex husband
Musician Vivian throws shade at her ex husband

If petty was a person it would most definitely be Kenyan artist Vivian after she took subliminal shade at her ex-husband Sam West!

Vivian took to social media to share a past video of her now ex husband Sam West proposing to her on national television as she mocked him using the trending, "Murife don't run" sound.

"The girl in front of you is a queen and she needs a man who can build a palace for her," started off the motivational speaker as fans cheered on.


He went on to add, " actually I think she is more than a queen, this girl is an angel. She needs someone who can bring down heaven for her. So today Vivian there is something I want to say.... I have a gift for you."

However, that ship not only seems to have sailed but it hit an ice berg and sank as well.

Taking a jab at her ex-fiancĂ©e and choosing this opportunity to use the Murife line as well, she captioned the video, "ndio huyo Murife..." 

Highlighting that Sam ran away from her and the promises he'd made.

About three weeks ago motivational speaker Sam West took to his social media to confirm that he had truly parted ways with his singer wife Vivian.

In a witty and equally shady social media post Sam hinted that had he stayed in the relationship any longer, he might have ended up dead due to stress and that's why just like the famous Murife he'd decided to bolt.

"I don't blame Murife, sometimes a man has to run or flee like Joseph. Otherwise he will die." Wrote the father of one.

The couple had been together for years and people's favourite after Sam West proposed to Vivian during a live TV show.

speaks on break up with Vivian
Sam West speaks on break up with Vivian
Image: Sam West

They were admired by many because of their blended family.

Sam has a son from his previous union while Vivian has a daughter from her ex.

But now it seems all the love they had for each other has gone down the drain and neither one of them is intent on being mature nor working to resolve issues.

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