Omanyala's worrying social media absence explained

The sprinter finished 7th in the 100-meter finals that were held in Budapest Hungary 2 weeks ago

Africa's fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala

It sadly seems that our beloved Ferdinand Omurwa Omanyala aka Africa's fastest man alive is not doing well after his dismaying loss at Budapest, Hungary.

According to Omanyala's coach Duncan Ayiemba, the athlete's performance in Budapest at the World Athletics Championships has affected the Commonwealth Games 100M winner psychologically.

"He had high hopes of a medal while going to Budapest. Everything not going as planned really affected him," Ayiemba says.


The coach, went on to reassure fans that although the father of one was in a funk and that he was regrouping and working on strategies to reclaim his former glory.

Ayiemba maintains Omanyala is working on smashing the upcoming Diamond League finals scheduled for mid-September in the United States.

Since his silent and unceremonious return to the country from Budapest, Omanyala has kept a low profile working on how to better his next performances.


Individual activity on his normally active social media pages has also been muted since August 21, save for a few sponsored posts appearing on his timelines.

A day after the race Omanyala spoke about the dismaying loss maintaining that even he didn't understand what had actually happened on that track.

The sprinter finished 7th in the 100-meter finals that were held in Budapest Hungary.

He clocked in a 10.07 time which was just close to 24 seconds after the title winner, Noah Lyle who won the race in a world lead of 9.83.

The time was 6 seconds more than what the African champion, had clocked during the semi-finals.

"Things happen in championships and that is what it is," started off the Omanyala.

He went on to add that even he himself was unsure of what had happened during the race

"I don't know what happened, I can't really tell or even remember," the father of one added clearly also still in disbelief at how he came in 7th place.

Finishing up he noted that even though the race had been disappointing and he hadn't clenched any medal all in all it was a learning lesson.

Africa's fastest man revealed that in order to avoid such a disheartening performance he'd sit down with footage from the race to study what might have gone wrong and in doing so learn what to do differently next time.

"I have to go back and watch the video of the race and see what happened and process it. From there, I will be able to know what to do next and the solutions needed," the last of his statement read.

On his X account (formerly Twitter) Omanyala shared two pictures of himself from the race looking immensely disappointed with a message that read;

“Live to fight another day!”

Despite the loss, Omanyala still made history as the first Kenyan to reach the men’s 100m final at the world championships.

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