I cried while writing this song-Zuchu reveals

Zuchu revealed her latest project was an emotional journey for her

Tanzanian songstress Zuchu Zuchu

Tanzanian songstress Zuhura Othman popularly known by her stage name Zuchu, has revealed she broke down while composing her latest song 'Naringa'

The 29-year-old Wasafi Records signee opened up about how tough it is being in the limelight and constantly having every move you make under scrutiny by the public eye.

Speaking about her inspiration behind the song Zuchu went on to say;

"This verse, I wrote it during one of the toughest times in my music career. 

As you know, people are never too far to talk about me, regardless of my humanity,"

Zuchu highlighted that yes she knew being in the limelight comes with challenges but that doesn't mean that handling them is a walk in the park.

"However, in this profession that I chose, one of its challenges is being talked about, so I decided to channel my anger into my music.”

She went on to reveal that she actually wrote the song while crying due to the heaviness that enveloped her.

“I was writing this verse while shedding tears. Being talked about is also a blessing because it signifies that you are a star and you are blessed

When people talk about you or exert a lot of effort to bring you down, know that there is something significant about you that they cannot defeat, and that’s why they are fighting you. 

Finishing up the songstress reminded her fans that this song was a pick-me-up song that she was dedicating to them when they felt challenges were dragging them down.

"Anyways, this song is here to uplift your spirits and remind you that you are chosen, and the One you rely on does not falter, does not take bribes, and favors the affirmative," the WCB records signee said finishing off.

The song marks Zuchu's second non-love inspirational song of 2023, following her empowering track Napambana, which she released in March earlier this year.

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