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Celebrated Kenyan artist Wahu Kagwi has left netizens in stitches after she revealed that she took sleeping pills on the eve of her wedding.

Wahu who alongside her husband David Mathenge are celebrating 18 years of marriage today and to commemorate their beautiful journey she decided to take her fans down memory lane.

The two veteran artists tied the knot back on 10 September 2005 and have been blessed with 3 kids. 

Recounting how their wedding went down, Wahu started by highlighting some of the challenges she experienced leading up to D-Day.

"My wedding dress wasn't ready until I think 2 or 3 days before the wedding

The theme was "African royalty" and we wanted to get it right... Monicah Kanari designed my dress and African Heritage provided our jewellery and animal hides.

I remember in one of my final outfit fittings...I broke down into tears... I was receiving phone calls from people who were upset that they hadn't been invited for the wedding as I was doing my final fitting..." Started off the 'This Love' crooner. 

She added that everything was so overwhelming that she found herself crying;

Nameless and Wahu
Image: Instagram

"As in, why would you do that.. kunikelelesha juu ya invite... and this is Thursday, wedding ni ya Saturday! We're already over budget, and desperately trying to balance everything and make everyone happy...

It fikad a point Monicah just took my phone away and switched it off... because the calls I was getting were just for giving me anxiety!"

Wahu went on to add  to top the whole drama she had the coldest feet a bride to be has ever had.

"Speaking of anxiety. I was sooooo anxious about the wedding! Wueh!! I remember waking up in a cold sweat one day juu I had dreamt that my wedding dress ilikua gunia imechorwa tu designs hapa mbele na makaa  heeehhhhhhh!!!

The whole week of the wedding I was struggling to sleep! Worried about how everything will work out... will I fall off the boat (that was a real fear guys no jokes)" recounted the mother of 3.

Wahu went on to narrate how she ended up taking sleeping pills and the panic it caused her bridal team.

"On the night before the wedding... My good friend @sylviavito who had just recently graduated from med school prescribed to me sleeping pills...let me tell you maina...

That night, we were in the bedroom with my girlfriends having "the last supper" then my best maid akanipeletea hizo sleeping pills ... juu I was to take the dawas with my dinner... wueeehhhhh!!!

with their three kids on the right
Wahu and Nameless (left) with their three kids on the right

All I remember is looking down at my plate...which was on my laps...and then my eyes feeling heavy...and with the ka little energy I had i said "my eyes are just closing on their own! After that... My face fell flat on my food

You guy my pals were NERVOUS!! I hear there was a lot of panic kwa bedroom alafu wasee wanapanic na hawaezi scream, juu hawataki kina mathe waingie bedroom."

Finishing up she wrote;

"Turns out I wasn't supposed to sleep in that room. So I had to be bebwad ki sniper to the room I was sleeping in, without any of the aunties seeing me, juu they would ask too many difficult questions. It was veeerrry dramatic BUT it was also the best sleep i had had in many many days so thank you @sylviavito

 I woke up fresh at 5am. much to everyone's relief, did my hair and makeup and wore my beautiful dress...all set for the day!! And just as i was getting ready to leave the room.. One of my aunties walked in looked at me almost

With tears in her eyes. nkamuuliza "auntie ni nini?" Akasema God is good!

You're wearing a decent dress! She was really worried juu mimi ni msanii..and you never know what artists can decide to wear.

Wowwww....i cant believe that was 18 years really does feel like just the other day," the last of her hilarious story read. 

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