The All White Party
Image: Radio Africa Events

The All White Party is set to dive into the purest realm of music and style in Nairobi.

Set against the dynamic backdrops of venues like the Nairobi Street Kitchen and the city’s spirited skating arenas, this bi-monthly event is poised to reshape Nairobi's nightlife.

Featuring the city's most electric DJs, each event promises a unique mix of genres, ensuring a night full of energy and rhythm.


As the name implies, attendees are encouraged to dress in their finest white attire, making them an integral part of the event's ambiance.


Moreover, we are looking to collaborate with brands that perfectly resonate with the event's pristine and energetic vibe, ensuring that each evening is as chic as it is electric.

We look forward to celebrating the very essence of Nairobi nightlife, turning every evening into a white-hot celebration of music and style.

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