Sheila Kwambox
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The subject of women speaking Sheng was brought up during a morning kiss with Kwambox, notably those who are in relationships. Shiro's revelation sparked the conversation.

Shiro: "I have been talking to this guy for a while and I really like him. Recently he told me that I should 'tone down' on my sheng. That I sound uneducated? Is there anything wrong with a lady that speaks sheng?"

Shiro's concern is what takes us to the question of the day;

"Would you date a person who speaks sheng? Especially ladies."

Should language be standard while dating a person? or it's just an excuse for not dating that particular person.

Kwambox:  "Clearly, Kenyans don't like their spouses speaking in sheng but if it was an American slang they are okay with it. I don't feel like sheng is a bad language."

Below are some of the opinions that the Kenyans have; 

Caller: I always prefer talking in English to my man, even though he doesn't like me speaking that language. I don't support the Sheng language.

Caller: Sheng isn't a problem, the problem is the weight of the sheng, there is this light sheng which is okay but for a lady who speaks the deep sheng that's definitely a no.

Caller: Sheng comes with some characters, I had a girlfriend who speaks Sheng and she did me a character development that I have never experienced in my life.   

Caller: I feel like sheng sounds rude. The moment you speak sheng, that's a red flag.

just Evans @fakebrats: Hey, morning Kwambox, sheng in a relationship ni red flag, imagine your girl speaking to you vile mbogi genje huongea Its my sister's birthday today help me wish her a happy birthday. Na unichezee cat burns live more love more

Kelvin Murithi@kmkimonline: Me I love sheng. Ongea yote. Io inasema huyu hajakam date. Ashakwambia. We na mafenzi yako hapo huskii. Huyo ni akurombosee tu, umpige makali akujazie table usiboeke. Unadhani dame atakuja na frock na sun dress kukurombosea? #ChitoAndKwambox

JESSE ABISHECK@Jesseabisheck: If I get such we better break the same day mostly they are not romantic unaamwambia i love you anakuambia inafaa hivo brathee