Khaligraph Jones in his element
Image: Kiss FM

The morning Kiss presenters Chito Ndlovu and Kwambox discussed about the allegations that singer Khaligraph Jones had allegedly turned down a BBC Xtra interview.

The unconfirmed rumours were spread by a Kenyan-UK-based journalist who claimed that Khaligraph had been called for an interview with DJ Edu which he turned down.

On The Morning Kiss, Kwambox had said;


"DJ Edu apparently reached out to try and interview him and Khaligraph was like sikutambui."

Chito disagreed, "You don't get to the OG just like that, shida ni hio team yake hapo mbele. Shida si Khali shida ni watu wanam-surround."

Kwambox added that Khaligraph would have achieved a lot of collabos  if he accepted the interview.  "Khali was talking to Tanzanians right here and didn't have time for BBC Xtra? As a fan I'm disappointed," she said.


In his response, the rapper said;

"Manze mkona ujinga sana nyinyi wote na ku post nonsense, why are you guys posting lies?"

He added,

"@chitondhlovu and @kwambox, stay Hating, sharing False information for clicks, you have to apologize for for these lies you are sharing on @kiss100kenya, you never talked about my London show lakini uwongo ndio mnajua kuambia watu, mumeniboo kabisaa, Wacha Nirudi Kenya we deal with this nonsense, you have to respect the OG."