Beyonce allegedly set to take a 5-year music break

Queen Be is set to join Rihanna who has not released a new album in more than 5 years

32 time Grammy award winning artist Beyonce Knowles Carter
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The Beyhive has been thrown into a frenzy after rumour mills started swirling with talks of 32-time Grammy award-winning artist Beyonce Knowles Carter going on a 5 year music break.

Calm down Beyonce fans, I know she is on Renaissance tour!

One of the artist's biggest fan groups on the X app known as Bey Update shared a video of Bey while on stage reporting that they had had a conversation with the phenomenal 42-year-old and she had revealed she was taking a break from the entertainment scene.


The page reported that the mother of 3 also had some exciting news that she would be sharing with her followers on the 2nd of October.

"Beyonce announced that she has something very special coming on October 2nd, when I asked what it was she smiled and replied, 'My 5-year vacation! See you in 2028!'" the tweet in less than 24 hours has already hit over 3.3 million impressions read.

Fans clearly losing their mind over the announcement flocked to the comment section sharing their displeasure while others sort of celebrated noting they would have saved up enough money for the comeback tickets.


Below are some comments from X users;

sweetie4u: I need to hear that out of her mouth

AllLove♡︎: I am on the floor cryingggg

Oma: Beyoncé can’t sit still for 5 years without working. Remember when she said she would retire at 30, guess whose just finishing a worldwide tour at 42? Beyoncé

mauri: I’m sick

T@poca_nicole:You know you a hard worker when you taking a 5 Year break

Stacy BluePaparazzi Rayon: BET! I'll be ready to cop those floor seats by then

Tha_Gif_Bandit :NOPE! We still need this trilogy

TJ ²ᵏ @TJsMedias: Enough time for me to prepare for the biggest outfit for her next tour.

Ncognito Moskito: Well shit the amount that was charged for tickets. She prolly has bought another universe and will be taking leave to go furnish it DUH

zee : well she better start a vlog channel or smthg

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