Keranta and Flaqo
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According to reports, Winnie Keranta is in Dubai with her boyfriend Flaqo to celebrate her birthday.

Since the previous weekend, Anne Tracy and Flaqo Raz have been trending online as a result of Anne Tracy's statement that she wishes they had kept their relationship going now that Flaqo Raz is well-known and wealthy.

Because he is in Dubai with someone else, she is envious.


"I wish ningekaa na yeye, sai ningekua na yeye Dubai’," Anne wrote about her feelings. Anne and Flaqo dated when they were in college, but the long distance proved a challenge.

Interestingly Keranta has now deleted all the posts (or she could have most likely archived them) she had previously shared on her Instagram account. SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW;

Keranta's Instagram page
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Over the weekend, Anne posted a collage of the two when they were much younger on her Instagram account.


Anne claims that the TBTs are from 2016, when they first met and started dating. She made the decision to relocate to be with Flaqo because he was attending a college there at the time.

She told Mungai Eve, "We got to know each other on Facebook and started online dating. I moved to live with him in Kisumu, where he was still in college, and we stayed together for a while."

Flaqo's ex with him in the past.
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However, she too had to join college and moved back to Nairobi. This didn't work out, and they mutually agreed to split.