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Famous Kiss FM host Kwambox has finally revealed her gojus celebrity crush.

On Monday morning, the presenter informed her co-host that she had just finished performing at the Fally Ipupa and Tiwa Savage concert that took place over the weekend.

The Congolese vocalist totally wowed her.

"I am now celebrating Fally Ipupa. That man can have my heart," she said on the morning Kiss.


Adding, "I introduced him and I went to the screen and when he's performing I am watching him and I'm like my goodness I think I am falling in love. He is quite a performer. I was embarrassed and I was like am I blushing?"

Fally Ipupa
Image: Moses Mwangi

Ipupa performed during the event and electrified the audience by belting out hits including "Mayday," "Bloque," "Eloko Oyo," "SL," and "Maria PM." As they sang along, danced, and applauded the musical genius, the crowd's enthusiasm was palpable.

In May, a Bungoma man admitted that he had been smitten by Kwambox's beauty.


"I have been hurting a lot in my heart and today I have decided to open up. I have tried reaching this lady but she does not respond to my messages."

"I don't have strength in my body, I love you so much Sheila Kwamboka. Please accept my request," The man pleaded

Kwambox joked, "Kwa hio maumivu aweke Kaluma."

She added;

"I want to go and watch a Beyonce concert, jet manenos so acheze kama yeye. I did not know that my boo is in Bungoma."