Kambua Manundu
Image: Instagram

The YouTube channel "Being Kambua" has been launched by gospel minister Kambua.

The 'Usiku na Mchana' hitmaker talks about her late father Professor Manundu in the promo for her debut episode.

"Let’s take it from the beginning… set your alarms/ turn on your notifications for 3.00 pm! I am so overwhelmed by the love you’ve shown me so far. My heart is full. This has been a long time coming, but I’m finally here, doing it all afraid! 🦋," she captioned the teaser


In the video, an emotional Kambua speaks about her dad. 

"I remember telling him, thank you for protecting me, for fighting for me, thank you for loving us...for being such a selfless dad. I think it had taken me such a long time to get to a place where I could tell him we will be okay if you have to go, you don't have to me strong for us."

In 2020, Kambua said the one thing she wished for was that her dad would have been able to meet and see her son, Nathaniel.   


"My Father went to be with the Lord. It has taken me years to heal and fully come to terms with the loss. Grief is like unfamiliar, uncharted waters than no one can fully prepare you for. Grief is multilayered; just when you think it's over, it reveals itself in a new light. I have grieved the fact that he never got to meet my beautiful baby boy."


'I've grieved my fading memory, guilted myself for forgetting things I should remember about dad. But I will never forget the sound of his booming laugh, nor the sparkle in his eyes, or the warmth of his hands...Just as I will never forget how cold they were before he breathed his last.'

'It has taken me many years to accept and understand that both grief and my hope in Christ can indeed co-exist. And this hope in no way nullifies the pain- it gives it purpose. God writes our stories, and in Him nothing is lost. Our present pain and suffering is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in us.

I am grateful that my father's legacy points to Jesus. Keep resting in glory my Papa. 09/04/2014. 💛'