Kambua recounts being stood up by Daddy Owen

Owen had asked her out for lunch but ended up being a no show

Gospel artists Kambua and Daddy Owen

Gospel artist Kambua in a hilarious twist has revealed that back in the day fellow artist Daddy Owen stood her up after the 'Vanity' hitmaker had asked her out.

Sharing a photo of her and the veteran artist smiling broadly Kambua went on to narrate how Daddy Owen asked her out for lunch only to fail to show up at their agreed location.

"Nearly two decades ago @daddyowen asked me to have lunch with him and then he didn’t show up 🙊🤣," the mother of two started. 


Kambua went on to add that Owen was a very different person back then compared to the guy we see these days. Adding that the artist barely spoke any English or Swahili.

"Let me tell you if kutoka mbali was a person…! Eh. My friend, you have morphed right before our eyes. 

Those days Owen could mostly speak Luhya and Sheng 😂😂😂. Anyway, it was nice seeing you this morning, Sasa Twende studio 🎶" the last of her post read hinting that the two were working on a project together.


Replying to the post the father of 3 went on to defend himself highlighting that the main reason he stood up the songstress was the sheer fact that they come from different social classes.

Owen maintained that he didn't know if the Kambua could actually sit down with him and understand him as his English was wanting and she was a bougie kid.

"Yaani K umeamua tu kuchoma live live...(I can't believe you have decided to embarrass me publicly)," started off the philanthropic musician. 

He went on to add; 

"But ulikua from group of schools.. nilikua nashindwa kama unaweza nielewa.. but mluhya nilikua najiamini.. in kiluhya we say "okhuiamina"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"

(You were from a private expensive school, In my head I was wondering if you would be able to understand me but as a Luhya, I had faith in myself. I believed in myself,)," The last of Owen's posts read. 

Hilariously, another gospel artist commented on the post detailing that she had almost a similar experience.

"@kambuamuziki for me he came 4hrs later 😂 but God works on all of us. Nawapenda," Mercy Masika wrote, commenting on Kambua's post.

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