Trio Mio recounts his most hilarious high school experience

Trio Mio who is currently in his last year of high school decided to share with the world his cheeky side

recounts hiring a boda boda guy to act as his dad back in high school
Rapper Trio Mio recounts hiring a boda boda guy to act as his dad back in high school
Image: Instagram

One of Kenya's youngest rappers Trio Mio decided to bless the nation with bouts of laughter as he recounted one of his most hilarious high school experiences.

"In form two I was given a suspension kwa sababu ya kuchapana na boy fulani hapo (because of getting into a fight with a certain boy in school)" started off the 'Cheza kama Wewe" hitmaker.

And one could already tell the route the story was set to take.

Trio went on to reveal instead of going home he opted to go to his uncle's place because his dad was as tough as they come.

"My Dad alikuwa wembe kaa angesikia nimepewa suspension sijui ingekuwa aje( my dad was beyond tough, if he’d heard I’d gotten a suspension I don’t even know what would have happened, but it’d have been bad.)

So Nilienda exile kwa uncle yangu claiming I was sick" narrated the high school rap genius who is in his last year in school.

Now here is where things get super interesting and beyond hilarious.

"Siku ya kurudi nikingoja viboko nikakomboa msee wa boda boda (on the day back, I paid a boda boda guy to act as my dad as I was ready to receive my strokes from school but not face my dad) 

Tukaenda vizuuri. Tukafika, mwenye tulipigana na yeye alianza,akalimwa zake karibu 30 akatoka na mamake… (the one I'd fought with arrived first. 

Him and his mum went in, and he received around 30 strokes then they left) I was next" recounted Trio.

Trio Mio recounts high school experience
Trio Mio recounts high school experience
Image: Moses Mwangi

He then went on to reveal how his plan with the boda guy almost failed up until his now hero stood to the occasion.

"Nikaitwa, nikaingia na boda boda guy, tukaanza kesi, in the middle of kesi principal akauliza," what is the name of your boy?

Damn na sikuwa nimemshow msee wa boda boda akaniangalia akaangalia Principal nimetense, nasweat tu nasema kwisha sisi!!! (the guy looked at me then looked at the principle and I was beyond tensed as I knew the rouse was up and we were done for)

Huyo msee wa boda boda aliamka na kuniwekelea kofi pah!! Nikaona giza. (The guy stood up and smacked me right across the face till I saw black)

Then he angrily roared, I pay for your fees alafu tena nikusemee jina kijana! 

Hadi principal akamshow, " That is enough don't kill the boy.

Wherever you are bro you are my hero." 

Trio finished off his narration accompanied with laughing emojis.

What is your most hilarious experience? Have you been in a similar position? Do let us know.

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