Fast rising Kenyan artist, Okello Max
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan fast rising artist Okello Max has received international recognition from multi award winning RnB singer, actress and entrepreneur Ciara.

The mother of 4 through her socials gave her nod of approval to Okello Max's remix of her hit song, 'How We Roll,' which features the charismatic RnB and pop master Chris Brown.

You are probably wondering how the remix came to be or how the Grammy award winning Ciara came across Okello's video as people do covers and remixes of hit songs all day but very few are lucky enough to get recognized by the original artist.

Well, for Okello, he saw an opportunity trusted his instincts and jumped on it.

Ciara had initiated a open verse challenge where she called upon and encouraged musicians and fans alike from across the globe to put their own spin on "How We Roll" and showcase their creativity.

Hoping onto the challenge, Okello who is known for infusing his mother tongue (Luo) into his lyrics, and his deep captivating voice mesmerized the world at large as he took over the song like it was made just for him.

Okello showcased his lyrical talents in the lyrics, rapping over how he'd be down to spoil his lady.

"How are we rolling my people? Tag Ciara ata mara mia, after showing some love of course! Let us show her how we roll," excitedly wrote the artist as he shared his video.

Taking to her Instagram account, Ciara shared a snippet of Okello Max's remix on her stories along with an approving caption that read, “Good vibes! Africa in the house!"

Okello Max, humbled and excited by Ciara's recognition, responded with gratitude on his own social media platforms. The remix and recognition from Ciara is a clear sign that our artist is really doing something great and this new generation is set on flying Kenya's flag far and high.

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