Mulamwah's curious explanation for denying wedding his bestie

The comedian and Ruth K's actions have drawn speculation that they might be an item

Mulamwah and his bestie Ruth at their traditional wedding
Mulamwah and his bestie Ruth at their traditional wedding

Gear up ladies and gentlemen digital content creator David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah is backtracking on his widely publicized traditional wedding.

The father of one in an interview with online media just disclosed that he is still very much single and in the market and was shocked and confused at the claim.

While attending the launch of StarTime's Pink Ladies Mulamwah was asked about his traditional wedding and boy did he end up leaving the YouTubers astonished with his response.


According to the brand influencer, he'd just gone to visit his bestie's family and they overreacted.

Yes, overreacted, that's exactly the term he used.

"I only went there to visit and see bestie because she also came and visited our place. I was only visiting as a friend, but they overreacted. I got there and was surprised," Mulamwah said without batting an eyelid.

Mulamwah with his best friend Ruth K
Image: Instagram

But I low-key feel like he was just being a comedian because what do you mean she came to visit then I went to visit... isn't that how introduction ceremonies are done? But what do I know?

Mulamwah went on to narrate;

"They had cooked, there were tents, so it became a ceremony. I was not expecting it to be that big,"

On why he didn't tag along with his friends and fellow media personalities the comedian defended himself highlighting that it was his first time going there so he couldn't go with a multitude of people.

He added that if he goes back again, he will invite them. 

"When you go to a place for the first time, you cannot tag everyone, because you are also going there for the first time," Mulamwah said.

When asked if his bestie, Ruth, was indeed pregnant, he declined to answer the question noting that she was the best person to answer that question.

Mulamwah and Sonnie when they first welcomed their baby girl
Mulamwah and Sonnie when they first welcomed their baby girl

Mulamwah yet again stunned the content creators after he seemingly denied his daughter Kayla whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Carol 'Sonnie' Muthoni.

Asked how his daughter was fairing on Mulamwah faked a cough for a while having the interviewers a little worried until one of them pointed out that he was just avoiding the question.

When asked again about the toddler he replied by simply saying, "Bado anaitwa hivyo (that is still their name)?" As he walked away from the interview.


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