Mulamwah and bae proudly show of incredible incomplete mansion (video)

The comedian has made sure to maintain a frugal lifestyle so that he can finance his own home

Digital content creator/ comedian Mulamwah

Digital content creator, comedian, and entrepreneur David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah is a proud man following the immense progress of his multi-million mansion in Kitale.

The soon-to-be father of two shared an aerial view of his 2 storey mansion which sits on an extensive piece of land.

In the video, he and his newlywed wife Ruth could be seen standing at the top of the building happily dancing before waving bye to the drone which pans out to show different angles of the building that's still under construction.


The drone also captures a view of the neighbourhood showing off the plush green scenery and suburban feel of the place.

Captioning the post the comedian went on to give praise to God as well as gush over his achievement.

"POLE POLE TU , Inawezekana πŸ™πŸ™," started the digital content creator who has severally been criticized and mocked for the tiny 10k bedsitter in which he currently resides.


Outpouring with gratitude Mulamwah went on to use himself as a testament encouraging people to learn to give things they all and trust in their dreams no matter the obstacles in between.


"God has been great , let no one tell you that you CANT !!! Trust in your self , believe in your dreams , pray to God and do your best . one day you'll sit back and say I DID IT πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

KEJANI WITH MULAMWAH , coming up soon on youtube , tuchanuane , tusave , tuinvest kama yuthmen  bestie alikua area @atruthk β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️" The last of his post read.

2 months ago Mulamwah openly revealed that he'd spent so far almost SH. 10 million on construction noting that the building was taking shape and almost coming to a complete.

"Sh. 8.5 million... tunakaribia finali kuimaliza, (we are almost coming to an end finally,)" Mulamwah excitedly shared before he went into a humble brag terming the 2 story mansion as just something simple.

"Kitu simple tu ya mlunje (just something simple for a Luhya)" captioned the digital content creator as he showed off the expected outcome of his house.

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