Mulamwah makes U-turn after participating in Sonko challenge

The comedian deleted the post and issued an apology

makes U-turn after participating in Sonko challenge
Comedian Mulamwah makes U-turn after participating in Sonko challenge
Image: Instagram/Mulamwah.

Kenyan actor and digital content creator Mulamwah has made a huge U-turn after participating in the Sonko challenge.

The father of one has apologized to Kenyans as well as deleted all posts of him flaunting money from his social Instagram page.

This is after a netizen sent him a DM highlighting that the artist was being tone-deaf in these tough economic times that had most average Kenyans on their knees trying to make ends meet.

"Niaje Mkuu niko na swali mi nimekua kwa ground struggling to make a living of which at time haipatikani... nyi najua mnaishi poa hamna stress za kesho, cos you guys mnatuonyesha maganji zenye hata hatuezi figure out ni ngapi," the distressed fans shared.

He went on to add, "Don't you guys think you are taking it too much?! Najua hauta reply but its ok message ishafika."

To the netizen's surprise, Mulamwah responded to the fans' concerns and went ahead to share a screenshot of their conversation on his stories.

Mulamwah apologized and highlighted that he only posts money on his page as a way to encourage people and not depress them. He added that he was also praying for all those struggling to find favour and a breakthrough.

"Pole sana mimi nimefuta zote kwa page zangu, ..nawaombeeni mungu nanyi pia yenu yanyooke. I post it for encouragement mtu aone its possible kuanza from scratch to somewhere, na pia kushow wale walisema we have nothing that vitu unafanya ni upuzi that we are something today," the comedian explained.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko a couple of days ago shocked Kenyans with a video showing off sh.30 million fitted in suitcases.

The angry politician was reacting after a relative told him he is broke. Several celebrities took it as a challenge. Following this, many social media personalities took this as a challenge and started flaunting their wealth as well.

Comedian Mulamwah took on the Sonko challenge, showing bundles of money while eating in a video which he has since deleted.

Eric Omondi also went online to show off how much money he has. Omondi was reacting to Oga Obinna who said his PR stunts are funded by politicians and has no real wealth. Eric showed off suitcases of money, saying, "Hii ni 15 million na bado sijakuonyesha za bedroom."

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