Sonko's daughter posts cryptic text after dad's viral video

Sandra was trying to defend her dad against netizens criticizing him

MIke Sonko's daughter asks netizens to stop trolling her dad after he falunted 30 million in cash
Image: Instagram

Mike Mbuvi Sonko's last-born daughter Sandra is asking netizens to stop trolling her dad, who ended up on the wrath side of Kenyans after he flaunted 30 million in cash.

Taking to her Instagram page Sandra asked Kenyans to stop acting as if they wouldn't have acted the same if they found themselves in a similar situation.

She added that some would even react worse than her dad had and even if that's not the case he is only human and should be accorded grace.


"Guys please stop attacking my father in that video," started off the plus-size model.

She went on to add, "Everyone gets upset and if it were you in that position you would have flipped even worse.

You all don't see things from his point of view but then are so quick to jump to conclusions."


Finishing off Sandra reminded netizens that even though her dad was a public figure he was still very much human. "He is human I beg!"

However at the corner of her note on her Instastories she added a small cryptic text that has people wildly confused.

"Here to cover up as always..." the last of Sonko's daughter's post read.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko stirred jealousy and envy in equal measure after he posted a video showing off his wealth with an impressive show of force.

In the video, the politician can be seen opening huge suitcases full of wads of cash in foreign denominations as he called out a certain person in his family for doubting his wealth.

"Ati sina pesa kwa sababu si saidi watoto," he started. "Nani ali kwambia sina pesa!?" an upset Sonko asked the unnamed person who had gotten his goat.

"Sina pesa ya kuharibu na watoto. Hii pesa ni ya kuharibu na mabibi wangu!" he went on.

Not only that, the proud provocateur went on to insist that the money he was showing off was just 'pocket money for car fuel'. (Talk about a humble brag!)

"Hii ni millioni mbili  (pointing at the pocket money) Hapa yote ni milioni thelathini (Sh 30 million)."

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