Mulamwah's bestie Ruth K showing off her pregnancy
Image: Instagram

Ruth K, Mulamwah's suspected girlfriend, has revealed an image of herself pregnant a few weeks after she denied the rumours.

The comedian himself stated in his post that everything was prearranged and made possible by God.

"Bestie, God made it happen," Mulamwah wrote.


The identical picture was shared by Ruth K on her Facebook, along with a description of how she lost herself in an ocean of unwavering love.

According to Ruth K, it began with friendship, love, and then the birth of a new life, in that she is now anticipating being a mother for the first time and giving birth to her son.

"First came love, a love that created new life, a blessing that fills us with joy and happiness. Creating life is the best feeling🤗❤️ that you are already loved. I can't wait to meet you,” Ruth K said.


The couple, dressed in identical outfits, had what was presumably a formal wedding at Ruth's house around a month ago.

Mulamwah later refuted in an interview with internet journalists that it was a marriage ceremony, saying that he had merely gone to greet Ruth K.

When questioned about the potential for pregnancy, Mulamwah dismissed the idea, stating that Ruth K's dress's apparent problem was most likely a sewing error.