Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones
Image: Leah Mukangai

Multi-award-winning Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has revealed he has no plans of shipping materials for his new house from abroad as he is strongly pro-buy Kenya build Kenya.

In an interview with Mpasho, Khaligraph pointed out his outfit revealing even his sneakers were bought locally in the country so why should the stuff in the house be any different?

On whether he and his family would be spending Christmas at the new house Khaligraph revealed that construction was still underway and the house wasn't yet ready for occupation.

"Bado, bado niko kwa... hopefully, maybe next year..." started off Papa Jones.

He went on to add;

"We are grateful to God for the blessings, it is something. We are trying and it is somewhere,"

A view of Khaligraph's mansion under construction

His advise to people aspiring to build homes as well or those currently securing their homes.

Khaligraph went on to highlight that as cliche as it might sound, consistency is always the key.


"You just have to be consistent, na tutafute tu pesa (and hustle for money) because kazi ya kujenga never comes to an end it is always continuous.

Like ata kama sisi tutaingia hapo bila dirisha we will struggle and make it work just as it is. People should just learn to put in maximum effort," the 'Yes Bana' crooner said.

On how the construction process has been taking him and if he feels the strain like others who've been seen sharing their woes online the father of 4 highlighted just because he was a public figure didn't mean he doesn't feel financial strains.

"Ata mimi nimekuwa nilikia tu, the difference is that I haven't been crying and airing my woes online. My pockets are feeling the pinch, they are suffering," before jokingly adding that she might even charge the interviewers for the quick session they were having.

"But it is all good, we started and we are finishing."

Khaligraph went on to note that he was pro buy Kenya build Kenya bashing the misconception that you have to import things from outside for them to be better.

"Everything is from here, locally you can get everything you need. Once we are done I will show you. Even the interior like couches and all, Onyango atashona kwani hajui kushona? He knows and he will do it again.

We have been using local products all through, so we keep at it! We won't die!" Khaligraph shared.

To critics who have been bashing his house Khaligraph maintained a hater is always a hater and he has no room to focus on negativity.

His Christmas message to the masses? "Respect the OG!"

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