Karen Nyamu shades Edday Nderitu for implying she'd be dead if she hadn't relocated

Karen recalled how Edday was well kept, fed and smart while living with Samidoh maintaining, watu si wajinga

Senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Senator Karen Nyamu is throwing shade at her baby daddy's estranged wife for implying that her life was in danger while she was with him.

Funnily enough, all this started with a TikTok video.

While appreciating her friend Bernice Saroni for helping her relocate to America, Samidoh's estranged wife Edday Nderitu highlighted how grateful she was for Saroni's help as if it wasn't for her she'd be dead and her firstborn daughter in rehab.

"May God bless you gal, whatever you did to me and my kids it's something I can't even explain. My daughter angekua rehab mimi nikiwa 6ft under,Edday wrote while commenting on one of Bernice's TikTok videos.

In the video, Bernice was defending herself against critics who bashed her for inciting Edday to leave her marriage.

Following this Karen is rubbishing Edday's claims reminding people of how well-kept she looked while she was still in Kenya and living with the father of her 3 kids.

Edday Nderitu with Samidoh holding their two oldest kids
Image: Instagram

This is after a netizen asked Karen Nyamu if she felt any remorse whatsoever after seeing Edday's post. 

"Saa hii mwenzako angekua six feet under. Hope ungekua very proud of yourself," the netizen commented on one of Karen's post in a bid to call out the mother of 3 for being (for lack of a better term) a home wrecker.

Responding to this Karen recalled how Edday appeared well kept, fed and smart while living with while adding a popular Kenyan phrase that is used while calling out people who are lying.

Karen maintained, "watu si wajinga bana! (people are not stupid)" implying Edday was pulling people's legs.


"Na vile alikua amejinonea akiwa kwake alikua kapum pum smart na tumakai akismile tu macho inafungika. Watu si wajinga buana."

Which loosely translates to;

"And the way she was well plump and fed when she was at her matrimonial home. Like she was round and plump looking all smart. She was so well fed that if she smiled her eyes would instantly disappear over the cheeks.

Please, people are not stupid,"

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