Carol 'Sonnie' Muthoni

Digital content creator and brand influencer Carol 'Sonnie' Muthoni has revealed that she has officially changed her daughter's name, dropping her father's name.

While engaging in a Q&A session where she read out her follower's burning questions regarding her life, Carol opened up about how she decided to have her baby daddy's surname removed from their daughter's name.

It seems the issues around her and Mulamwah are beyond irreconcilable at this juncture. But hey, what did he expect after he publicly denied his daughter who (if I may add) is a carbon copy of him?


Carol made it known her daughter no longer goes as Keilah Oyando but was now, Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni.

"Keilah anaitwa aje apart from Keilah Khloe ama zote ni English names?" A curious netizen posed the question to Sonnie.

Carol Sonnie with her daughter whom she shares with Mulamwah
Image: Courtesy/ INSTAGRAM

Replying to this she thanked the fan of asking said question highlighting it gave her a great opportunity to actually air the changes.


"No zote si English names anaitwa Keilah… Please make sure, blogs kujeni hapa karibuni, screenshot this. Keilah is called Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni. Thank you very much for that question," the mother of one said.

On if she was currently in a relationship, the budding actress revealed that she was actually seeing someone but hadn't introduced him to the world (read online in-laws) as he was camera shy.

She went on to take a jab at her ex boyfriend Mulamwah and his relationship with his current baby mama/bestie Ruth K. Sonnie noted the day she decided to make her relationship public the whole world would come to a stop.

"Mpoa wangu anakuanga tu hapa each and every time ni venye tu hataki kuonekana kwa camera but let me tell you the day I will decided to introduce my mpoa, mhhh dunia itasimama wacha venye munasema hapa ruracio sijui nini nini. Yetu itasimamisha dunia," Carol Sonnie said.

Moving forward the influencer refused to answer or simply downplayed questions about her baby daddy Mulamwah.

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