Starlet Wahu's suspected murderer arrested while undergoing treatment for a stab wound

How DCI tracked and arrested Starlet Wahu's suspected murderer at Mbagathi Hospital

Starlet Wahu

The Kenyan entertainment industry has been thrown into mourning following the shocking and gruesome murder of 24-year-old socialite and Instagram baddie Starlet Wahu.

The budding socialite, who happens to be the younger sister to controversial preacher; Pastor Kanyari, was reportedly murdered by a man identified as John Matara after a date she'd gone to in South B, Nairobi area went sour.

According to CCTV footage released by police, the curvaceous Starlet was seen in the company of Matara, who was wearing brown khaki pants, and a sleeved blue denim shirt paired with brown shoes.


On her part, 24-year-old Wahu rocked a short red dress, and black heels and topped off the look with a short denim coat.

The two could be seen having a little bit of conversation with the guy mostly on his phone as they waited for the lift so that they could make their way to the rental apartment.

(Left) CCTV footage of Starlet Wahu and her date waiting for the lift (right) a section of the bloodied Airrbnb where she was found

Police investigations are currently underway, with the main suspect in the murder being detained at the Industrial Police station. 

The suspect murder weapon (a knife), A used condom, and an HIV test kit were recovered from the crime scene.

Speaking about the unfortunate death the police noted they had received a distress call from the building's manager regarding a possible murder that had occurred at the apartment. 

Upon arrival, they discovered the house had been locked from the outside, forcing them to break into the apartment where they discovered the lifeless body of the young woman lying in a pool of blood in the sitting room area.

"We found the woman had bled to death. The murderer cut the vein leading to her heart hence causing a quick death," Makadara Police Commander Judith Nyongesa, informed the press. 

The deceased body had bruises and stabs all around the thighs as well.

Police believe Wahu might have attempted to try and leave the house for help but didn't make it as she slumped and died a few centimeters away from the door.

"The case is still ongoing. We want to find out the motive behind the gruesome murder. The murderer tested her before sleeping with her and then killed her. Maybe he's a serial killer," Commander Nyongesa added.

Detectives managed to trace the suspect on the run mobile phone to a local hospital in Nairobi where he was apprehended while undergoing treatment for a stab wound (implying that maybe Wahu tried fighting back.)

The suspect now identified as John Matara has been detained at the industrial area police station for 21 days as police continue with their investigations in an attempt to establish the perpetrator's motive.

Sending our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Starlet.

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