Shakib Cham hugging Princess Tiffah
Image: Screengrab

On Sunday evening, Ugandan socialite and renowned businesswoman Zari Hassan shared a heartwarming video of her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya being welcomed home by their daughter Tiffah Dangote in a delightful manner.

In the video posted on her Instagram page, Tiffah, the firstborn child of the socialite and Bongo star Diamond Platnumz, was seen rushing towards Shakib as he stepped out of his car.

Shortly after the eight-year-old princess reached Shakib, her stepfather embraced her warmly, lifting her with both hands.

The two then appeared to have a brief conversation outside the car.


Zari seemed delighted with the excellent relationship displayed between her 32-year-old husband and their daughter.

She accompanied her video with Emilee's song "I Love You Baby."

This isn't the first time the strong bond between Shakib and Zari's daughter has been openly shown.

A few days after Zari and Shakib tied the knot last year, an exciting video circulated on social media, showing the 31-year-old man sitting on the sofa with Tiffah lying on his lap.

The two seemed to be watching a movie on television.

Last month, Shakib celebrated his other stepson Riaz Nasibu Abdul, popularly known as Prince Nillan, on his special day.

The 32-year-old posted a beautiful video showing him walking shoulder to shoulder with Prince Nillan, both dressed in matching gray suits.

"🎂🎁🙏🏻" he wrote in the caption.

In the video, the two were seen walking together with beautiful smiles on their faces.

Shakib, who also celebrated his birthday early in December, appears to have a great relationship with Zari Hassan's children.

The socialite, who resides in South Africa, has five children from two previous partners, Ivan Ssemwanga and Diamond Platnumz.

The businesswoman and the mother of five officially tied the knot in October after more than a year of courtship.