Crime Scene

A police officer implicated in the death of a woman, initially considered a suicide, will be held in custody for 21 days during ongoing investigations.

The officer from the General Service Officer (GSU) was arrested following the woman's demise at a Lang'ata apartment on January 11.

Senior Principal Magistrate Irene Kahuya directed the constable's detention, noting the need for a thorough investigation into the death of Nelvine Museti, 28, initially presumed to have jumped to her death.


The investigating officer, Johnson Wanjohi, informed the court that various exhibits, including used condoms, were discovered at the scene where the alleged jump occurred.

Wanjohi emphasized that, based on the evidence, Nelvine appeared to have been in the company of a man at the time of her death.

The apartment yielded items such as empty beer bottles, rolls of bhang, glasses with suspected alcohol, and partially consumed bottles, all submitted for forensic analysis.


The officer will remain in custody at the Langata police station as investigations progress.

Nelvine, residing alone on the third floor, reportedly fell to her death. Initial police reports categorized it as suicide, with no visible injuries but blood emanating from her nose.

The constable's apprehension followed forensic phone analysis suggesting his potential presence during Nelvine's death.

While inspecting the woman's residence, police discovered additional evidence, including a used condom, an empty alcohol bottle, a soft drink, and a partially smoked roll of bhang, hinting at the involvement of another individual.

Ongoing investigations aim to determine if any alterations in the apartment contributed to the woman's death.