Comedian Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njugush

Comedian Njugush has seemingly responded in good humor to filmmaker Abel Mutua's recent playful banter about his car, sparking reports that Njugush has decided to sell his Toyota Prado TX.

The banter commenced when Abel Mutua jokingly referred to Njugush's car as a 'wardrobe' in a viral video.

In the video, Abel Mutua humorously commented, "The guy you see here is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa driving his clean wall unit, being followed by a machine… a cabinet follows the machine – a Range Rover Evoque driven by his wife."


This lighthearted exchange seems to have prompted Njugush to put his car up for sale.

An X – formerly Twitter – user named Petrolhead, with the handle @Mickey0T, shared the news on social media, stating, "Abel Mutua and others teased Njugush until he decided to release the TX."

As per the provided details, the car is a 2014 Toyota Prado with a 2700cc engine, featuring a sunroof and 7 leather seats.


Petrolhead revealed in his tweet that the asking price for Njugush’s well-maintained unit is Sh3.9 million.

This isn't the first instance of Abel teasing Njugush. In May last year, Abel bid farewell to his beloved Mercedes Benz E250 after five years of ownership, acquiring a new Land Rover Discovery 4.

During the car pickup, Mutua playfully asserted that his latest ride surpassed Njugush's Toyota Prado.

"Timothy Kimani Ndegwa do not talk to me. In case you need to say something, write an email, and we will respond in three to five business days. Kimani, it is over for you," teased Abel.

Earlier, Mutua had announced on social media that he was parting ways with his Benz, posting a heartfelt message and a video showing the cherished car being loaded onto a truck.

In the caption, he expressed gratitude for the unforgettable memories and experiences he had shared with the vehicle, affectionately nicknaming it Miss GT (God's Time).