Nanny Rosie's job decision leaves netizens furious

Rosie gained widespread in December recently when a video capturing her emotional farewell from the Lebanese family she had been working for went viral.

Nanny Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno
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Kenyan viral caregiver, Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno popularly known as Nanny Rosie has left many perplexed as she chose to go back to Lebanon to work as a house help despite the numerous offers she had received.

For example, Vintmark Travel Agency director Catherine Joe had offered the viral caregiver a Canadian student sponsorship visa as well as a Sh 30,000 job as she waited for the visa to be processed but Rosie chose to turn her back on all this and go back to working for her Lebanese family.

This is besides the trips and other gifts that different people who'd had their hearts tagged by Rosie's story at the time bestowed upon her.


Netizens who once before had rallied behind Rosie tremendously praising her have now seemingly turned against her with most calling her naive and well... senseless, for lack of a better word.


A video of Rosie in tears as she was received by her bosses alongside their 4 kids at the airport has left a bitter taste on netizens mouths.

Viral nanny Rosie and her Lebanese employer and his kids

"Welcome back Rosie, I can't live without you for real. It was the longest time of my life," her Lebanese boss, Maria could be heard saying as she planted a kiss on Rosie's forehead.


Following this, people have been left arguing between a job and education which one is better or more important with a few commending Rosie for her loyalty even though a month ago her Lebanese boss, Maria Cateleya released a video detailing why she does not want Rosie to come back.

Others are also calling out Rosie for not capitalizing on her fame and changing her hustle to at least allow her to be close to her young kids back in Kenya.


Interestingly, Rosie revealed that her kids would soon be joining her in the Middle Eastern country.

With the youngest little girls clasped tightly around her arms, in the trending video highlighting Rosie's return to Lebanon her boss could be heard asking for her kids soon as they were reunited at the airport.

In the video, Rosie's boss, who was beyond overjoyed to have her nanny back questioned why Rosie had not brought her kids an indication that there had been plans to have Rosie's kids fly out after the holidays together with their mom.

"Rosie, how are your kids? Why did you not bring them with you?" her boss a viral TikTok at this point candidly asked in between the excitement of them being reunited. 

"They are fine, they will come," Nanny Rosie calmly responded.

Below are a few comments from netizens reacting to news of Rozie's return:

Domy_meckable: someone who got good exposure and she got even admission to go canada and better her life that being a nanny nini husumbua hawa watu kufikiria lakini

Jamesmarwab2: She should have used that platform to build herself instead of going back to be a maid

Gakii_Maitima: I thought someone has sponsored her to go to Canada for 40k a month😳

Buyer_KE: Your employer is only interested in your skills,repeat

Sylvia_nn_lala: After such a big opportunity atleast to change her hustle and be closer to her kids she back to that job😳😳weeeeh

Fernice.mayo: Huyu ashazoea kuteswa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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