Shorn Arwa
Image: Instagram

Kenyan TikToker Shorn Arwa is getting attention after coming back from London to Kenya for a short visit where she decided to pay 10,000 Kenyan shillings to ride on a matatu 10 years later.

In a video she posted, the mum of one is seen having a good time as she boarded the "nganya" and she's seen swinging by the door shouting like a tout.

Shorn is a Kenyan-based influencer, TikToker and YouTuber who relocated to London back in 2023 with her boyfriend who is not as big a public figure on social media.


The TikToker has a son whose face was revealed to the public on 26th August 2023  after fans had requested to see the baby after months of anticipation, she decided to break the internet by surprising fans with baby photos

Shorn has a YouTube page with 102,000 subscribers and a large following on her social media pages.

She also has a verification on her TikTok page where she entertains her fans with her videos.