Shorn Arwa shades the WaJesus family as she chews off fans criticizing her content

The content creator bragged that anything she puts out would be watched

Shorn Arwa shades the WaJesus family as she boasts about her content creation
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Shorn Arwa is chewing off her fans after they criticized the kind of content she has been putting out of late.

The Kenyan YouTuber who recently relocated to the UK had been called out for over-saturating her channel with scripted prank videos that her viewers were growing tired of.

While responding to those asking for different content Shorn seemingly threw shade at the WaJesus family as she told those who wanted vlogs to go binge on the controversial couples videos.

"Okay, another thing before we move forward... sometimes there are days when I really don't understand human beings!" Started the agitated content creator.

She went on to add that she didn't understand why entitled netizens why complained about the content she puts up in her channel when it was her channel and she could do as she pleases.

The new mom went on to call out such people all while bragging that whatever she put out would be watched!

Shorn Arwa chews off fans criticizing her YouTube content
Image: Instagram

"Some of you were coming all the way to my inbox crying, 'oohh sasa unafanya pranks mingi' and I'm like this is my channel!" Shorn stated in a matter of fact tone.


"Excuse you, this is my channel! Go open your channel with your husband and do vlogs! Anything I post mtawatch, kama hutaki go watch the WaJesus mimi siko hapa kuwabembeleza
(I'm not her to plead with you or beg)," she went on to add clearly triggered by the comments she'd been receiving.


Finishing up the content creator highlight that YouTube videos to her were just a part time thing she does for fun... maintaining her posting was a luxury.

Shorn reminded her fans and followers that she was a mother and wife first then a content creator second so sourcing for content wasn't her top priority.

"You have to always remember that I'm a mom, okay?... content creation is a luxury whatever I am able to film mtawatch. Don't come here telling me oohh tunataka vlog and what not!

Wueh enda you watch Lwanda Magere!" Said Shorn Arwa as she finished up.

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