Blueface, his mother and Chrisean Rock

Karlissa Saffold, mother to rapper Blueface has despised Chrisean Rock's face tattoo of her son.

Jonathan Jamall Porter alias Blueface is an American rapper, who went viral in 2018 after releasing the music video of his song "Respect my criyppin". He became a meme for his off-beat style of rapping.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock had a rocky relationship since they started dating in 2020. After their split in October 2022, the pair welcomed their first baby in September 2023.

Due to a failed pursuit to see her son at LA's Men's Central Jail on Wednesday, Karlissa told TMZ that Chrisean's immense tattoo of Blueface's mug shot on her chick is "absolutely ... crazy" and she thinks its a crooked stratagem.

Karlissa is really hoping that the face tattoo is fake and she hopes she (Chrisean) will leave her son alone.

She mentioned that Chrisean moving back to Blueface's pad will pull back her rapper son who should be focusing on his mental health.

She believes Chrisean has some mental issues and Blueface is not trained to unpack her baggage.

It's getting hard for Karlissa to support Chrisean for the sake of her grandbaby, after seeing Chrisean on Instagram Live saying she wants Karlissa to die.

She's still willing to take care of her grandchild if it ever reaches that point.


Karlissa says she is still stressed about Blue's stay in jail for a probation violation.

It's her worst nightmare following her eldest son served thirteen years in prison too and now history is repeating itself, she told TMZ.

Karlissa has a lot going on and tells Chrisean to go find someone else's family to play "Fatal Attraction."

Reportedly Chrisean has over seven tattoos of Blueface on her body, including his birth name, Jonathan, above her eyebrow.

Last year she removed the tattoo of Blueface which was on her neck and it seemed she was okay until recently.