Chrisean Rock remains unfazed after losing over 300k followers from the moment she revealed her new face mugshot tattoo of BlueFace

Chrisean Rock has told people on her Twitter that she doesn't care how many people will unfollow her or how many fans she will lose as long as she is paid from her engagement.

She further tells people to continue with the hate for she is making a lot of money since her posts and videos are getting a lot of views and

"The more y’all hate the more popular I become I don’t give a fuck about losing followers I get paid off my engagement/ algorithm if I’m getting 60 plus million views on my post or 400k plus comments my promo prices just go up or anything I sell stay sold out . So continue the hate train it makes me hella money," Chrisean Malone tweets.

Over the past few days, Chrisean Rock has been blowing up the internet by doing some crazy things which has left people on the internet talking negatively and with a lot of hate

The people on social media are not hesitating to give a comeback to Chrisean as everyone has something to say

Blue face mom Karlissa Saffold, is unhappy by the fact that Chrisean has a face tattoo of her  son on her face.


Blueface's mom told TMZ that Chrisean's immense tattoo of Blueface's mug shot on her chick is "absolutely...crazy" and she thinks its a crooked stratagem.

Karlissa is really hoping that the face tattoo is fake and she hopes that Chrisean will leave her son alone

She mentioned that Chrisean moving back to his son's life will pull him back since he is focusing on his mental health

Karlissa believes that Chrisean has mental issues of her own . This makes things  hard for Blue Face's mom due to her grandbaby but Karlissa is willing to take care of her grandbaby if it reaches a point

Chrisean went live on Instagram where she said she wishes death upon Blueface's mom.