Magix Enga announces major comeback

The producer also updated fans on a huuge step he had taken

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga has announced his comeback into the musical industry after the trying and terrible year he had.

Sharing on his Instagram page Magix announced that he had found a new home and was back to creating music.

"Back from the shadows, stronger than ever. Mungu Wangu Hujainiangusha (my God you have not disappointed me)," excitedly started the father of one.


He went on to send heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who had not only helped him through his struggles but also believed in and stuck with him even though things appeared so bleak.

Magix especially heaped praises on his wife for being his pillar of support.

"Thank you to everyone who never lost faith in me, Kerry Lens, Willy M Tuva, Asila Bunny, Nebert Nebo, Big Afrique Studios, DJ Sule, and especially my incredible wife who stood by my side through it all.


Massive big up to my friends and fans pia... mmekua mkiuliza Enga alienda wapi... Enga is back!!! Time to create some epic timeless music," part of his Instagram comeback post read.

Finishing up the renowned music producer and singer revealed that he was relocating to Eldoret town from Nairobi City, where he hopes to reinvent himself. 

"As I step back into the limelight, I carry with me the support of an incredible team and the unwavering belief of my new hometown: Eldoret. Together, we'll write a story of resilience, redemption, and gratitude," the last of his post read.

On his Instagram Stories, the father of one shared a video of his "new home" as he thanked all those who had truly come through for him.

He identified the well-equipped and beautiful studio as Big Afrique Studios noting that is where he will be working from now that he is back in the game.

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