What Brian Chira has been up to during social media break

The controversial TikToker was one of the biggest celebs as far as scandal go

TikTok content creator Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

Controversial TikTok content creator Brian Chira has made an official comeback to the social media scenes after taking a few weeks off for a much-needed break... both for him and us because Chile!

The TikToker before going on a break had been trending for all the wrong reasons owing to his battle with alcoholism and depression.

Chira even found himself on the wrong side of the law after picking a fight with digital content creator and actress Azziad Nasenya.

However, the young man is now back on socials and he promises he is better.


Sharing on his Instagram page, Brian Chira revealed he'd made the mental decision to work on himself and be better following the insane year he had had.

"I just took a break from a year of chaos. I'm fine. Hang in there, it's not every day that's a trending day. I had to work on myself, and I feel better now," wrote Brian.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Chira has gone on a break and come back promising change.

Brian Chira

Back in December 14th (yeah I know it is just the other day) after a few weeks of inactivity, the TikToker made a comeback only to leave netizens worried and equally furious with his actions.

Chira appeared on a TikTok live video where he went on to plead followed by borderline commanding all those tuned in to his session to send him gifts.

As you know TikTok gifts are usually converted to money that one can cash out.

Brian's demands weren't however the main reason why netizens are enraged, that they can handle or ignore. Whichever works. 

What seemed to get to people was the state in which the former Kabarak University undergraduate student appeared to be in.

In the video, Chira appeared to be intoxicated and could barely form coherent words as he tried to conduct the live session.

He seemed to be in a terrible state as he struggled to converse while slurring words.

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