Esma Platnumz lists deal breakers she'll overlook in her new relationship

Esma also highlighted she'd not be listening to any words of advice from family or friends in relation to her new relationship

Diamond Platinumz sister Esma Khan
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Tanzanian socialite, entrepreneur and fashion designer Esma Khan popularly known as Esma Platnumz has proudly disclosed that she would never leave her man over trivial things such as cheating.

I know, I had the exact same reaction but Diamond's sister maintains cheating is such a trivial thing to end a relationship over.

Esma, who is currently dating a man identified as Jembe One, listed a few other things that other people find extreme deal breaks which she noted would not lead her to leave her man.

These include baby mama drama, children from a previous relationship she didn't know about, fathering kids with another woman whilst they are together, and financial constraints. If the man isn't pulling in the big bucks, she is ready to break her back for the two of them.

Wueh child! Is it ever that serious?

Diamond's sister (who apparently is set to wed her new man soon) made all this clear through her Instagram page as she gushed over her new relationship.

“Simuachi mume wangu eti kisa kuna mtu kasema kachepuka naye, simuachi eti kisa kazaa nje, mtajuana wenyewe mnavyolea mtoto wenu kwa kujiiba iba,” Esma said.

The entrepreneur added that the age she was at now did not allow her to stress over such things and hop from a relationship. She noted that her happiness was of most importance.

On top of the things that she'd let slide, Esma also highlighted that she would not be listening to any words of advice or anything within those lines whether from family or friends about her man Jembe One.

“Simuachi kwa kufikiria ndugu wataniona aje au marafiki. Ninachojali mimi ni furaha yangu. Pia simuachi eti kisa hana hela, tutatafuta wote tutaleta mezani,” Diamond's sister added.

Finishing up she noted the streets were not cute at all and she felt things were difficult. Advising fellow women she urged them to stick with the men they were with even if people out here were talking smack about the man.

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