DJ Pierra Makena shares why she's still unmarried at 42

Truth be told, Pierra is a go-getter, she is beautiful and hard-working

DJ Pierra Makena

Celebrity entertainer and entrepreneur DJ Pierra Makena has shared lists of qualities she is looking for in a man while opening up on plans of settling down.

The 42-year-old has also banished the weirdly set social rule of age limits for one to get married and procreate. Pierra argued such mentality pushes people to tie knots with individuals not meant for them just to avoid being mocked/ made fun of because they are still single after a certain age.

"Who says there is an age one should be married…I have had people saying am saying certain things because I am not married.

“I do not want to get married to the wrong person to please the society.” the mother of one shared. 

She went on to add that she was yet to meet the love of her life who would persuade her to matrimony. She  however, shared qualities that a man ought to have for her to consider him a potential suitor.


“I have not met that one person who I can say 'I want to spend the rest of my life with them.” the celebrity DJ shared.

DJ Pierra Makena and her daughter Rica Pokot
Image: Instagram

Pierra maintained she was a old school/ traditional lady who had learned her lesson after being turned down a few times. Pointing out now, she would never shoot her shot at a man even if he ticked all her boxes.

The mother of one highlighted women should not chase men but they can give signs to indicate they are open to mingling with the man. For example using someone else to get the attention of a man she is interested in.


“I would never hit on a man, what if he says no? I can use someone but I can't do so directly. I have been rejected a couple of times before." the entertainer added. 

On qualities she was looking for in a partner the DJ listed them as follows; 

"God-fearing and hard working. Jitume, you do not have to be rich, A man who is clean and smells good. A good kisser."

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