creator awards

On the 9 of February 2024, TikTok held red carpets for the region's most expectational content creators at the prestigious 2023 Top Creator Awards.


The remarkable event took place in South Africa Johannesburg, was a celebration of innovation, talent, and dedication within TikTok's vibrant community across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenyans were noticed and there were content creators who were nominated for the awards.

The coveted titles ultimately went to their counterparts from South Africa and Nigeria.

The absence of Kenyan winners might have disappointed some supporters, as most nominees had put to work despite the fierce competition.

In addition, the event was highly expected that some of our nominees would have walked out as winners.

Some of the Kenyan nominees included:

Official Kinuthia [ Trailblazer of the year in Sub-Saharan Africa category]

Nairobi Disclosure [ Africa Arising Creator of the Year in the Sub-Saharan Africa category]

Startimes Kenya[Publisher of the year in the Sub-Saharan Africa category}

_Someothergirl, [ Gaming Creator of the Year in Sub-Saharan Africa Category].