Ni kuzoea Eastlando- Karen Nyamu defends herself after viral video of her breaking traffic rules

She pointed out that she was running late for parliament thus why she had to drive so carelessly.

Senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator and entrepreneur Karen Nyamu has finally addressed the backlash she has been receiving after she posted a video of herself clearly and boldly breaking traffic rules.

The mother of 3 in a viral video that has been doing rounds online after she posted it on her Instagram stories, could be seen and heard inciting her driver To drive on the wrong side of the road overlapping cars and confusing other motorists.

She pointed out that she was running late for parliament thus why she had to drive so carelessly.

The video angered netizens online with most calling her out for taking advantage of her power as a politician as she cannot get easily harassed by the police like common mwanainchi.

Responding to all the criticism she has been receiving online Karen defended her behaviour by citing she was just used to a different kind of lifestyle due to her life in the less affluent side of Nairobi.

Senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Karen was forced to address the issue after netizens went to her Instagram page to call her out... while a select few seemingly grew even more fond of her due to her rebellious ways.

"We root for you always but that was wrong Mhesh. First of all that's how easily you cause an accident. Secondly, if it was urgent you would have left early.

Even doctors rushing to perform an emergency CS operation don't behave like that," an Instagram user identified as Kwamboka wrote softly reprimanding the politician.

Responding to this Karen simply wrote;

"Ni kuzoea matatu culture matatu culture pale Eastlando (blame that on me being used to the PSV culture from Eastlands,)"

She went on to add that she was in no way intoxicated with her status and power.

Senator Karen Nyamu

"Sidhani hapo kunakuwanga na power yoyote, (I don't think over there/in that situation there is usually any power,)" the mother of 3 noted.

Responding to another user who called her "mannerless and ignorant for not thinking before acting," Karen threw shade at the netizen reminding them that that they were not of the same calibre.

"I will not learn anything from someone below me," the nominated senator wrote, adding several emojis to the her comment.

Despite the obvious danger that Nyamu's driver posed to other road users, she boldly stated that if he was going to break the law, he should do it with confidence.

"ukiiba Lazima Uibe Na Confidence.", she teased showing no regard for the safety of others as she went on to record the video showing her breaking road rules.

The nearby traffic officer seemed to watch passively as Nyamu's vehicle flouted the rules of the road. The senator suggested that he must have realized she was running late for parliamentary duties.

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