College student sued by Taylor Swift wittily responds to her demand letter

Left to right; Multi-award winning singer Taylor Swift and College student Jack Sweeney
Image: Courtesy

College student Jack Sweeney has finally responded to Taylor Swift's lawyer cease and desist letter with a wordy and heavily witty 2 page letter of his own.

The young man has defended himself noting that he does not break any laws by tracking the multi-Grammy award winning singer and songwriter jet flight plans and posting them online.

Responding to an email from the artist's attorney, Kate Wright Morrone, Jack whom 2 weeks ago had received an official legal letter from Taylor's legal team in a response letter of his own argued he does absolutely nothing wrong by showing her flight path to the world.


Posting on the social media app X, the college student quoted lyrics from Tay Tay's 2017 hit song, "Reputation," writing, "Look What You Made Me Do."

Kate in her cease and desist letter argued that Sweeney was engaging in "stalking and harassing behaviour" by revealing Taylor's flight information in real-time on social media.

Morrone warned that if Sweeney did not stop putting her famous client's safety in imminent danger, he would be subject to further legal action.


Responding through his attorney, James Slater, Sweeney cited there was no law that supports Taytay's cease and desist, except for stalking, which does not apply since he has never made a "credible threat" against the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker.

James Slater went on to point out that his client just took publicly available data from the Federal Aviation Administration to track Taylor's plane movements and just uploaded it online.

Something anyone else can totally do.

He went on to argue that the whole thing as a big scare tactic and they were confident Taylor Swift's camp would not be taking any legal action.

Sweeney is notorious for tracking the take-offs and landings of planes belonging to the wealthy and posts them mostly a day later. X CEO Elon Musk is among the affluent rich who have called out the young  man for his disturbing behaviour.

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