Prince Jawabu heaps praises on Dorea Chege over this act of kindness

In his desperation, he reached out to the Maria star who completely shocked him with her warm heart.

Prince Jawabu and Dorea Chege

Kenyan budding gospel artist Prince Jawabu is giving digital content creator and actress Dorea Chege her flowers, for being a genuine soul and a big help in his career.

According to Prince Jawabu for a while, he was completely homeless. His music was being streamed and topping charts in the country but he had no money to sustain himself at all.

In his desperation, he reached out to the Maria star who completely shocked him with her warm heart.

"You know there is a time that I did not have a place to stay nor to sleep and Dorea took me in and provided for me for almost like 6 months!" Started off the artist while speaking to YouTuber Plug TV.

With a light in his eyes and a smile, Prince Jawabu walked the interviewer down memory lane narrating how he was famous then but really struggling.

"Yes, I was famous. Singing music here and there but I did not even have a place to sleep. But there is a lady who truly proved to be a friend.

Actress Dorea Chege

Because I did not even know Dorea that well, we were just casual friends. We met and then clicked and I put my burden on her and she did not even complain or make me feel bad even for one day," the gospel artist animatedly narrated shaking his head in disbelief as he recalled how far he had come from.

Prince Jawabu went on to add that at that point the Pink Ladies actress was borderline almost like his mom because she had taken fully over the responsibility of "raising him."

"Dorea, wherever you are may you be abundantly blessed. You know it is even funnier because there is another friend of mine who came to me for help but I couldn't help them so I took them to where I was getting help from.

And Dorea took both of us in," Jawabu said as he burst into laughter realizing how funny the whole encounter sounds.

"I did not have anything sometimes even fare to go to town. So I'd be like Dorea I need this and that, sasa nilikuwa tu mtu wake wa mkono, (I was like her handyman now sometimes running errands for her) because there is nowhere I was going and nothing I'm doing," Prince Jawabu joyfully said beaming with gratitude towards Dorea Chege.

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