Kenyans are mocking Daddy Owen after the huuge Benny Hinn crusade that took place this past weekend.

The reason that netizens have gone hard at the gospel musician is because Charlene Ruto asked Mr. Hinn to pray for her to get a hubby.

This is even though Owen had claimed back in December that he had introduced the president's daughter to his mom at their country home.


Some of the comments from Kenyans questioning Charlene's prayer request despite the earlier romantic links with the musician are below; Daddy Owen typing and deleting 😂😂


tbaby721 Daddy Owen ni divorcee, zakayo anataka a young free man🙌

t9_kenya Daddy Owen...yoote ni vanity😂😂

avivibeautyhub And a husband you'll get my daughter 🙌

daegeegloria Hii nayo mtaona akifanya arusi mseme Ni maombi ,🤣🤣🤣🤣kumbe it was a plan all along

wambui_ndirituofficial😂😂ebu nipeane prayer item pia 

w.a.k.a.n.d.a__.b Daddy owen hello😂😂

silmoh6 This is a family affair in the name of the country

albinamuhati Daddy Owen hii imeenda

bienaimesol Huyu ni @daddyowen anaombewa hivi?

rodney.mgka muombee pia hairline ikacatch up🥹

ogaobinna @daddyowen hapa hautoki ng'o 😂 imepigwa lock!rumanaz

beautygalore He is Israeli, daaaym,n the way I grew up ,watchin him, he needs to.pray for his brothers too they stop finishing babies in Palestinene

bulazzkenya @charleneruto WEKA LINE YAKO YA AIRTEL nikupigie11h

thetrendymood_254 Kama mtot wa president ndio anaombewa apate husband, yenyewe soko ni ngumu.

mwangi_car_dealer1 Ata dinywa raw na vijana wa hii town au wamfulize😂

dorothybryant933 How about if she doesn't want marriage?????

thee_staicy Kumbe nyota ya pesa haiambatani na ya mapenzi😭alpho_unrulyNi mimi😂😂😂

In 2023, Gospel Singer Daddy Owen publicly commented that the daughter of the current president Charlene Ruto had visited his mother on the 23rd of December. 


They both went to Kakamega where the renowned singer shared exclusive photos of the event and this made people speculate that they might be dating.

Charlene was seen dancing and vibing to the event that was taking place that day.

During the Healing the Nation crusade hosted by American televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn, Charlene said she had a vision for the young people in Kenya and asked for prayers


“She needs a husband lord, and she needs that husband soon, send them her way soon. Let them be exactly what she wants, everything she wants about a husband, grant it lord,” Benny Hinn proclaimed.

Did Charlene Ruto just turn her back on the gospel singer? Or was it just Kenyans who might have overthought the situation and it was just a friendly gesture of Charlene?