Kenyans show love to Elsa Majimbo after her sweet message

Kenyans show some love for the Kenyan comedienne after writing a sweet message to her Kenyan fellows expressing her love towards Kenyans and her motherland.

"To all my Kenyan fans. I love you very deeply. To my motherland thank you for breathing air into me. Because of you my heart stays true and I know what and who I am. To the universe. I’m grateful for the miracles you’ve made happen for me and I continue to," Elsa Majimbo.

These are some of the comments shared by the Kenyan netizens:


Book Ten@Bookten8·Feb 25I love you too

8.8KSUPER  25We love you


.4KMuli@muli_brian_·I love you Elsa. Wachana na Felloh Sasa akona Mafuta ya kutosha.

 @Sam_Lulli·Feb 25We made you Elsa. We did 

Egline Samoei@Egline_Samoei·KAlbert

@SrAlbertK·Feb 25Love and light

Pearl@Pearlpelay1·Feb 25You manifested this, so walk in it gracefully like you do 74

.9Ksenjee@babyshaqqs·Feb 2522KDas Baby@BehrendsElmar·y says hello⚘22

.@LucyChegeM·Feb 25We celebrate you girl

𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐲@annshanty14·Feb 25Mob love....and to the love please here in kenya aki mafuta imepanda maybe you won't mind to get us some

kay Kay@kayKay33441626·Feb 25The love is much greater than the hate...

1133mwirigie@_mwirigie·Feb 25Thank you very much for that Kenyan flag on your name1

123Dorah@Deenafula·Feb 25We love you Elsa.

The Kenyan star came to the limelight in 2020 when she used to make her satirical monologues from Nairobi.

She entertained most people during COVID-19 with videos of her eating potato chips, leaning back to a pillow, and wearing tiny sunglasses.

She gained recognition internationally, starting with Rihanna who liked her content and followed her on Instagram.

She moved out of Kenya after receiving hate from her motherland and relocated to the States where she dined with the rich and famous and now she is one of them.

Elsa has been trending for weeks after she started doing storytelling on her TikTok page as she applies her body with different oils and fragrances.

Just the other day, the social media influencer was recognized by the only Queen B "Beyonce' as Elsa posted photos and videos of her hanging out with the queen at a private party.

Elsa is now making big moves and some Kenyans wish her all the best.