Amber Ray and hubby Kennedy Rapudo

Socialite Amber Ray has ignited a heated debate after stating that children should not be paying bills for their parents. 

Ms Ray made this statement while challenging families to start getting together for dinner and family reunions and not just for funerals.

She went on to explain that she doesn’t support the idea of kids paying bills for their parents and that’s why she is hustling to be a rich grandmother.

“Families gotta start getting back together for Sunday dinner and family reunions, not just funerals,” she shared.

She went on to add; This is one reason I love a big family but this economy can’t allow me. But one thing is for sure… I will be a rich grandma. I want my kids and grandkids to visit me without the fear of money expectations or visiting empty-handed

I’m a huge supporter of kids should not be paying bills for their parents and I think it high time as Africans break that chain,”.

In a separate post, Amber sought to clarify her statement after a section of her fans expressed mixed reactions.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am a breadwinner and I love what I do for the people I love but I would never want my kids to go through the same (Sasa rusheni mawe),” Amber added.

Amber Ray and hubby Kennedy Rapudo

These are some of the Netizen's comments:


beverlyn_davids personally came from chukua hii 30 enda shule me nitatembea…. I’ll pay anything for that woman 🤷🏾‍♀️ anything for my mumsmur.f_Speak for yourself.Me personally,I’ll pay anything for my MOMA!!!!!

marksteveke 1dFamily is not an obligation, it's a commitment. Children caring for their parents is a reflection of love, respect, and gratitude


flaqo411 1dMimi apa nisipotuma kitu wiki madhe anakujanga kwangu na bible na slippers/belt1


namasiluxuryhair_ke What she’s trying to say is, there are parents who really feel entitled to everything you have that they must get the money from you whether you have it or not and if you don’t provide insults will be part of your life. People who have been through this would understand better

annestine.mamuji I swear you spoke for most of us,lakini kama kawaida kuna ngombe hazitaelewa😒😒

shabiba_kenya Y’all are not getting her point,of course now lazima we look after our parents and family members,,, lakini our future is where her point comes in ,, it’s high time this generation we look for our own wealth ndio tusiburden our future kids with taking care of us,,it’s called breaking the chain,,,

bertina_shali 1dShida ni hamsomi mkaelewa😂😂

kelvin.killer Huwezi pewa haga na akili timamu at the same time no matter whatt😂😂😂😂🔥

brandprintkenya Lazima nichunge mzee na mathe ata mseme nini

_tarriqueProbably the most sensible thing she ever said. Some kids don't visit their parents because of the very same expectations.

winnie.loves.jesus Amba ray is totally right,, y'all getting her wrong,,she means that let this thing of working hard to help our parents end with our generation, let's work hard so that our kids will not have to worl hard to build is houses but for themselves,

mmydegagamitchyz I witnessed my mum going hungry so that we can eat,I'll do anything for that human❤️❤️❤️

kid_fofo_official 1dKama Hautaki Kusaidia Wazazi Wako Shida Yako😂😂🙌...Usituadvice🙌🙌😂😂