Kenyan Media Personality Betty Kyalo stunned  Netizens after she met Stivo Simple Boy who had confessed having a crush on her. 

In a series on posts, Simple Boy had made public his admiration for the media personality.

After the date, Stivo shared;

"My love Betty kyalo Asante kwakukubali date..❣️❣️❣️ wale mlikuwa mnasema sitaweza mwasemaje sasa 😂😂 hakuna kitu haiwezekani chini ya jua NAWAPENDA NYOTE mwaaaaaaaaa!!!!!,".

On her side, Betty shared a series of photos on her Instagram -attracting more than 1k comments.

In most of the comments left under their posts, Netizens have praised the former news anchor for agreeing to go on a dinner date with Stivo.

"Wengine watasema ni photoshop 😅 was a nice afternoon sharing a meal with @stevosimpleboy8 Manze ameng'ang'ana sana. Apigiwe makofi tafadhali 😅🙌🏽 pia alipiga look mbaya! Keep rising Stevo," Betty Kyallo shared. 

Here are some of the comments

_brunolee No one is talking of Betty's humility huh

_kev_ Lakini Betty hukuwa roho safii tbh❤️

spotonvacations Hii package tuite aje mafans ?

kingbizzyszn Hakuna mkate ngumu mbele ya chai 😂😂

joyhouseholds It’s Betty’s Humility for us🙌🙌😍God Bless BettyGod Bless Simple Boy

bravinyuri Nangojea tu Ex aongee. Lazima aseme kitu.

karani_elder Slide two😂....nimeona vitu zangu🥲

nanettia Lakini mbona askume kiti kama trolley ya smokie?

thi.ka_gossip_clubHapa nayo Stivoh anawakilisha sisi ugly ninjas vizuri 😂😂😂

raff_mshairiSimples dates for simple boys..very nice😍

_.roses_and_gunsThe waiter is more excited than simple boy🤣🤣🤣

jvr_supremacy😂😂😂hapo kwa kusuburia jibu 😂😂😂 utasubiria welo welo 😂😂

am_elyon_ Kwani alinyoa na pliers. _ceddie._She looks like moi😢

Stevo Simple Boy has been determined for the past few days to win over Betty Kyalo stating that; "Me nikipata Betty Kyalo na settle anizalie watoto watatu boys wawili na Dem mmoja.God bless Mungu hii yote uliumba wewe mwenyewe naomba sasa unibarirki nayo,".

Stevo Simple Boy is a Kenyan-based rapper and for the past few years, the rapper has been in relationships that have involved drama between Grace Otieno and Pritty Vishy. 

Despite his looks that have been criticized in the past, the singer has proven to people that anything is possible as we have also witnessed ongoing beef that took place in the past with his alleged girlfriends during those times.

Betty Kyalo is one of the most influential media personalities with a news anchoring career spanning 13 years.

Betty Kyallo has a daughter called Ivanna and the influencer said in 2023 that she is ready to expand her family.