'Yaani Stevo Simple Boy!' Andrew Kibe mocks Betty Kyallo

The famous social commentator is well-known for his biting comments towards fellow celebs

Digital content creator Andrew Kibe
Image: Courtesy

Controversial digital content creator Andrew Kibe is mocking media personality and entrepreneur Betty Kyallo after budding musician Stevo Simpleboy shot his shot at Betty.

According to Kibe better ought to be ashamed for being single for so long that a person like Stevo feels comfortable enough to try and court her.

The YouTube content creator took to his X account to share his sentiments after a post by Simple Boy praising Betty Kyallo went viral.


"Imagine staying in the streets so long that Stevo Simpleboy catches up with you!

Ni kiundu funny (that is something really hilarious)," wrote the controversial YouTuber.

Ironically 46-year-old Kibe is also still single after his split from his ex-wife after 4 years of marriage. 


2 days ago, Simpleboy shared he believes he has what it takes to offer Betty the much-needed comfort she needs from what he believes is heartbreak.

Budding Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Over the weekend the former news anchor had shared thoughts that appeared to cause concern with her online fans as she spoke of heavy challenges.

While on holiday at the Coast with her mum she penned;

"I've gone through everything the last couple of months .... well I think just like everyone. It's been extreme highs and extreme lows but I always tried to keep my head above the water.

I'm happy today. I actually came to find out that you just need to take life one day at a time. Might sound cliche but that has been my life and my reality," part of her post read.

While many offered kind words of comfort, Stevo took upon the opportunity to try his luck.

He started by calling off whoever was responsible for causing Betty Kyallo pain while noting how perfect she appeared.

Betty Kyallo
Image: Instagram

"But .. Men you have hurt breaks Betty Kyalo, what do you think? What is your problem. See the child smooth like milk, the child Welo Welo, the child fine thank you..." started off the 'Freshi Barida' crooner.

Stevo went right on to offer up his suggestion to the media personality

"Betty Kyallo I am in Singoli and if you give me a chance I will not starve you like Pastor Makenzie.

I will keep you as the secret of the earth and heaven. I know things will be LOMBO LOMBO without Sinza Sinza, right?! Kisses," the last of his post read.

3 months ago Betty officially addressed her dating life stating that she was firmly focused on her businesses and is more circumspect going forward because of her relationships in the past.

“There are good guys out there but for now I’m not available. I feel like when you are a celebrity or famous, you can never be sure what reason(s) brings someone to your life," stated the mother of 1.

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