Prompt Kenyan emergency service leaves Anita Nderu widely impressed and in awe

Digital content creator Anita Nderu

Digital content creator and media personality Anita Nderu Raftery has shared her amazement upon discovering that the 999 emergency service in Kenya actually works and is prompt.

The mother of one, through her Instagram stories narrated a traumatic event that had occurred in her affluent neighbourhood resulting to her having to call for paramedics which to her surprise showed up and checked up on her even after everything had been dealt with.

Narrating the ordeal on her Instagram stories the brand influencer started by stating, "So the afternoon took a bit of a dark twist," as earlier on she had been sharing fun content with her followers.

She went on to add;

"There was an accident right outside of our house, I'm not quite sure what happened we just had commotion and went to the balcony to check. There was a man who was unconscious and bleeding at the side road,"

Fearing for the man's life and unsure what to do, Mrs. Raftery decided to give the emergency services a try.

"I have never dialled 999 before, guess what it works!" The former Teen Republic host shared still in awe.

Apparently, she is not the only one who had been thoughtful and kind enough to try and get the mysterious John Doe some help as about 4 ambulances showed up responding to the case.

"I called triple nine and I'm sure other tenants in our building called as well because like 4 ambulances showed up. It works!

So you call them and they take down your details and the details of the incident that requires attention. And then they even call to follow up after everything... consider me impressed!" The mother of one animatedly said still reminiscing over everything that had just occurred. 

Giving an update on the stranger who'd been lying on the side of the road, the host of 'The Overdressed Cook' noted that luckily by the time of the ambulances arrival he still had breathe in him.

"Also good news, initially we thought the man had died but when the ambulances came we learned he was just unconscious which is great. I really hope he recovers and gets better soon," said Anita as she finished up her story

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