Betty Kyallo and Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Stevo Simple Boy has revealed that he spent over Sh160,000 on his appearance during an outing with journalist Betty Kyallo.

The artist spoke for the first time in an interview with blogger Trudy Kitui, where he said that the shoes alone cost him 40,000 Kenyan shillings.

In a quick calculation, Stevo revealed that the clothes alone took 125,000, stating that he spent all that money due to his genuine love for Kyallo.


"My outfit cost me a lot of money. First, the coat, trousers, and tie all cost 125,000. The shoes alone cost 40,000. So the total calculation came to 165,000," Stevo explained the math.

Stevo said that when Betty Kyallo saw him in his confident appearance for the first time, she was shocked and impressed.

"Betty was surprised; she told me, 'Stevo, did you wait for me in all these clothes?' I wore it for her," he added.


But also, the artist opened up about the main reason for taking Betty Kyallo to dinner.

He said;

"I wanted to show Betty Kyallo my love. It was just the beginning of my love, and as we continue, she will receive genuine love from me."

"We planned to first meet our families, then arrange a wedding from there, but she told me to give her a little time, and she will give me an answer. Betty pleased me by saying, 'it's okay.' She is funny, and I am funny, so we matched."

"I covered all the expenses for Betty. And if she agrees, I will give her genuine love, understand her, and she will also understand me, we will work together, share together. Her things will be mine, and mine will be hers," he concluded.