Vanessa Hudges recalls feeling fat shamed during her bachelorette party

Vanessa Hudges
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Multi-award winning actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens popularly known as Gabrielle from Disney's High School Musical is finally addressing pregnancy rumours that surfaced during her bachelorette party back in October, 2023.

Speaking during an interview she had with Emily Tisch Sussman on an episode of he “She Pivots” podcast, the actress narrated how she found the internet body shaming extremely rude especially since she was celebrating one of the happiest moments of her life.

I literally just had a run-in with the public taking control over their opinion of me in a way that was disrespectful...


I was like, ‘That is so rude. I’m sorry, I don’t wear Spanx every day, and, like, am a real woman and have a real body,’” 35-year-old Vanessa said while speaking with the podcast host host Emily Tisch.

She went on to narrate how the comments from netizens claiming she was pregnant due to her bulging belly due to a video she shared from her girls’ weekend in Aspen, Colorado after her engagement with her now husband Cole Tucker somehow got to her.

Vanessa Hudgens with her husband Cole Tucker
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“I’m literally celebrating one of the happiest times of my life, and you guys are just gonna make me feel fat. That’s great. Thanks,” said the 'Drake and Josh' alum star.


At the time, Vanessa was seen wearing an extra-baggy white blouse as well as an oversized white hoodie during her celebrations. She also donned a white satin dress where some fans claimed they spotted a baby bump. 

She muses that the experience reminded her of the "simple rules of being a good person."

On what advice she would give to people the veteran actress discouraged people from making assumptions about the lives of others, especially women.

Quipping that they already go through so much, they don't need the internet nitpicking details of their body's every second.

"Don't make assumptions, in all aspects of life, but especially over other women's bodies.

We deal with so much with other people trying to control our bodies, let’s not make assumptions over other women’s bodies as well," the Sucker Punch star stated adding that social media users need to be "more mindful" about making assumptions about people's personal life.

Any baby plans now that she and her athlete lover officially turned the knot?

"Nothing wrong about being pregnant, obviously...I can't wait for the day," a jovial Vanessa shared.

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