Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua

Media personality Janet Mbugua says she got a lot of body shaming when she was doing news on TV while pregnant in 2015.

The former Citizen TV presenter said she thankfully was able to rise above it. 

"In 2015 when I was a News Anchor on Citizen TV, and pregnant with my firstborn, Huru, I was attacked online, with a lot of vitriol towards me for being ‘too pregnant’ 🤷🏾‍♀️ Yes, too pregnant. Make it make sense!" she wrote.


Mbugua added;

"A lot of the comments were asking for me to come back on the news after my Maternity Leave. I pushed back, and had an amazing team and great bosses who backed me, but it was one example among many, of online sexism, that millions of people, but especially girls and women, continue to face. Tomorrow, I’ll join @intgenderchamps and lend my voice to speak about the rising cases of online violence that affect so many people."

She is a mother of two, Huru and Mali. Speaking at 'Witness Documentary' last year, Mbugua gave her experience


"Every day, it was hateful, spiteful messages saying you are too pregnant to be on TV or we can't stand looking at you while you are reading the news like that. I think it had happened before me, just that I was on a widely watched TV in the region."